Tennis bags: So many sport players cherish the significance of having a travel bag. Same goes with tennis players,  they cherish a bag strictly for tennis to guard their tools of the trade, properly organize them as well as make them affable.  Though,  there are lots of designs that makes it complex while you try to single out the proper tennis bag for yourself.  Guess what!  At tennis gear hub, we are here to guide you!  

It is essential to know the various types of tennis bags available, only then can u decide the attribute which is more crucial to you.


Storage Space

Storage space! Your number one characteristics while singling out a tennis bag should be nothing but this.  If you play tennis just for the fun of it then 2-3pack will do just fine but if you are more into the game and play for at least 4-5 days a week, then you definitely need to carry more equipment and so u would be needing a 6-pack bag. Professionals sometimes have more than 5 racquets with them for just one tournament and they usually use a 9-15-pack to convey their equipment. 

It is Best to get a larger tennis bag so u be on safer side when the need for that extra space arises.

Permanence (Durability) of Tennis Bag

The Strength and fragility of the tennis bag u are singling out should be the second thing you should know.  If you travel to tournaments/matches consistently then am sure you want something of good quality not something that will tear in a blink of an eye. Hence,  many bags come with technology that protects your tennis gear from unfavourable weather conditions. 


So many players undervalue this aspect when its time to single out the proper tennis bag,  meanwhile it’s an aspect that needs to be considered strongly. Lots of bags have become more user friendly. They got nicely designed straps and handles that gives you the most comfort whether you travel across the country or down the street to play. Its vital that the bag has a good internal organization system so the bag can be carried in any way possible. You surely don’t want the worst feeling that comes with rearranging your bag just after making it to the door or your car. 

Nice Shape

Shape of your tennis bag will be important for how everything fits just inside of it. Almost,  if not all players comes to the court with drinks, towels, extra clothes/shoes and other valuables. Most tennis bags possess moisture protective sacks in them which serves a great purpose to hold wet clothes or shoes after an exhausting match. Thermal lining technology is commonly used to protect the contents of your bag from unfavourable weather and outside moisture. Although the shape of tennis bag  is more for style while the inner compartment design is serving a greater purpose which helps you significantly.

Tennis Bag Sizes

If you are an occasional tennis player who stops by the neighborhood courts a few times a month, or a beginner who is just getting a feel for the game, you probably own one or two tennis racquets. If that is the case, perhaps a three-pack bag would be sufficient for you. In a three-pack, you have one main compartment, which is big enough to accommodate three racquets at most. If you do not have three racquets, you will have room to include a change of clothes and some accessories. There also is an exterior zipper compartment used for keys, wallets, or smaller personal items. These bags usually come with a small single handle and a long strap for carrying over the shoulder.

Babolat Expandable 6-Pack

Exceptional players who like to carry extra racquets just for back-ups, as well as additional tennis gear, then the 6-pack may be the bag size that give that convieniece the players are on the look out for. You will have one main compartment to hold two to three racquets, as well as a large adjacent compartment to hold an extra pair of shoes, a change of clothes, snacks and a few other items. Some bags will include a thermal lining for the large main compartment, but it is not as common with the six-pack. On the outside you will still have one small zippered compartment to hold your personal valuables. Not all six-packs are the same, but you will find more of these bags with backpack style straps as well as a central handle for comfortable carrying.  

Eight, Nine and Ten-Packs Dunlop Performance 8 Pack

Most exposed player loves these options. These bags usually feature three large pockets capable of holding up to nine racquets as well as other tennis essentials. One compartment will usually feature thermal lining insulation to help protect your racquets from unfavourable weather conditions.  The other two pockets and exterior accessory compartments hold everything from an extra pair of shoes to sweaty clothes. Many come equipped with a moisture-proof pocket which comes in handy when you sweat a lot. There’s no need to worry about your extra equipments as they can be carried easily in this bag. There’s a small handle just at the top of the bag for east and fast movement. 

Mega Tour Tennis Bag 12-Pack

For those high-intensity players, the 12-pack is the way to go. Usually there are one or two large compartments with thermal lining that can hold up to more that 10 racquets as well as an additional large compartment for extra clothes, towels or tennis equipment. It’s simply great for tournament travel, 12-pack bags feature additional perks such as backpack straps, shoe compartments and multiple accessory pockets for easy storage.

Tecnifibre ATP Endurance 15- Pack

This 15-pack option has 12-pack features with more space built in to the three main compartments. These bags are usually the top-of-the-line bags, which include the many features and the highest quality. Most of these large bags have multiple storage compartments on the outside as well as on the inside. Backpack straps and one or two smaller handles will be on these bags so you can carry them around convientely.

Yonex Pro Trolley Tennis Bag (Wheels Inclusive) 

Exceptional Players who likes to take playing tennis to another level enjoys this high class tennis bag which allows them to roll their bags freely.  It’s got enough room to store in excess of 11-12 racquets, and as much gear as you can add, these are not your average court bags. Usually complete with one or two small handles and a stress-free wheeling motion, these bags are so easy to transport. Furthermore, firm carrier straps offer versatility in case wheeling doesn’t work and you need to carry or lift this bag.


Ame and Lulu Kingsley Backpacks

The racquet backpack is a great option for players who hit the court on an intermittent basis. Backpacks usually feature enough room to fit one or two racquets and they can be a comfortable alternative to the longer racquet bags that hang off the shoulder. These compact carriers have compartments for water bottles, tennis ball cans and some other accessories.

Ame and Lulu Tennis Tote Shoulder Tote

Are you on the look out for a simple and stylish bag to carry your tennis gear? Tote bag is an excellent solution. It possess a fortified shoulder straps and eye-catching designs, totes can add personality to your game while conveying  your racquets, tennis gear and personal items. 


Yonex Pro Tournament Flame Red Bag

Tournament bags will be similar to a 3-6-pack bag. Typically, these bags feature one or two large compartments suitable for carrying racquets and some additional gear. Usually they possess  a carrying handle and also one main shoulder strap for travel.

Nike Duffel Bag Silver Duffel Bag

Duffel bags are a great way to carry your extra apparel. There are different sizes of duffels available  so you can carry your racquets with you. 


Yonex Racquet Cover

To protect your tennis racquets against dings, dents and scratches then racket cover is a great deal,  trust me!  When jostled in your tennis bag and can be used as a lightweight alternative to transport your sticks. These high-class, yet simple covers can also be used to organize your racquets. if you have racquets strung at multiple tensions. Some manufacturers do include a cover with the purchase of a new racquet. Racquet covers are very easy to use, 


Adidas Shoe Bag

Tennis shoe bags are a great way to keep your shoes aside from the rest of your gear. Whether you want to carry it in your main bag or carry it separately, you will have an effective way to keep your gear clean and smelling fresh. These will be relatively small and only have room for a pair of tennis shoes or sandals. This is a great investment for players that have stinky tennis shoes and actually wants them put apart from every other gears


–   Tecnifibre ATP Endurance Rackpack Pro

–   Tecnifibre Rackpack Pro Storage Space

–   Tecnifibre ATP Endurance Rackpack Pro

–   Tecnifibre continues to lead the industry with the updated Rackpack Pro:

This bag is lined with Tarpaulin, a strong durable material that is unbreakable, easy to clean, water-resistant and protects your gear from UV rays. It offers ample organizational features and has a middle compartment that holds three to four racquets and sides that can be set up with compartments for holding other essential gear. There are also two mesh zippered pockets to keep more of your smaller items organized. The large, ventilated shoe pocket on the exterior is big enough to hold a pair of shoes or your dirty gear. There is a small accessory pocket on one end to keep small items organized. The all-in-one carrying system allows you to carry the bag as a backpack or over your shoulders with the two padded, adjustable straps.

Head Djokovic 12R Monstercombi Tennis Bag

The Djokovic 12R Monstercombi Tennis Bag is tops the list when it comes to storage and style. The fact that this bag is PVC-free fabric constructed, distinguish it from others thereby making it one of the safest and most environmentally -friendly tennis bags on the market. There are two large main compartments that allows you to carry up to twelve racquets with one compartment lined with Climate Control Technology+ to provide protection from external conditions. On the interior are small zippered ventilated pockets that are great for securing extra racquet accessories. On the top you will find a large compartment perfect for storing shoes or sandals and a strap handle to carry the bag easily. There are small hard-shell pockets on the sides which are ideal for holding your personal items such as your wallet, car keys and cell phone. The bottom has a padded area and backpack straps, so you can take ur bag just anywhere comfortably. 

Maggie Mather Tennis Tote

The Maggie Mather Tennis Tote bag is one of the best on the market today. It holds up to two racquets and has double-stitched construction that makes it durable for on-the-go travel. It is available in many unique colors and this is one of Maggie Mather’s flagship bags. The exterior has seven different storage pockets while the interior features a zippered pouch that keeps your valuables safe. It is made with water-resistant fabric that keeps everything dry in the rain.

Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack Infrared

This performance backpack from Wilson will be all you need for the tennis court, one of the great tennis bags. The large compartment is perfect for carrying apparel, towels and an extra can of tennis balls. The large front pocket is great for separating clean and dirty clothes or shoes. Two small accessory pockets can be found on the outside; one for securing small valuables while the other features Thermo-guard technology to store your water bottles.

Babolat Pure 6-Pack Tennis Bag

The Babolat Pure Six-Pack is perfect for competitive players that need the perfect combo of storage and protection. The bag carries up to six racquets with one large insulated compartment to protect your racquets from external weather conditions. There is a hard shell pocket on the outside to protect fragile accessories. You can carry the bag with the backpack straps, central handle or top handle.

Yonex Pro Tournament Tennis Bag

This Tournament bag from Yonex is sure to impress with its larger storage compartments and bright design. The two main compartments can hold up to three racquets, extra clothes and towels. There is a zippered outside pocket for smaller item storage as well as two long carrying handle straps.

40 Love Courture Sophi Tennis Bag

Sophi Tennis Backpack by 40 Love Courture is got a dope style and fun designs that are simply the best for players of all ages. It possess a padded sling strap for convenient carriage, about two exterior pockets for storage as well as an interior pocket to carry up to 2 racquets. All of the company’s products are handcrafted right here in the USA and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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