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Wilson Envy Junior Tennis Shoes Review

When it comes to playing a game – any game – nothing is more important than foot comfort. When you are running like a maniac after a ball, it’s nice to know that if you were to fall, it would be

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Asics Speed 3 Tennis Shoes Review

The problem with most tennis shoes is that you need to compromise durability for comfort once the weather gets warmer. Nylon shoes don’t do much when it comes to keeping our feet cool, and the durability

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Adidas Performance Tennis Shoes Review

As a tennis player, your choice of shoes matters a lot in establishing your performance. So, directing a lot of thought and attention into selecting the right ones is mandatory. Rest assured, though, that’s

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Adidas ASMC Barricade Tennis Shoes Review

When it comes to women, everything will boil down to the following things: fashion and use. Women know what looks attractive on them, but they also want to feel comfortable in their own shoes on the tennis

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