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If you happen to be in the sector for a new tennis racquet, then just one of the specifications you’ll see mentioned by vendors is the ‘stiffness’ of a racquet.
Is this something you will need to shell out interest to or just another arbitrary number? Does it affect how a tennis racquet plays, if so, how by considerably?
As typical, there are a lot of outdated wives tales and anecdotal factors of see on racquet ‘flex’. While some of them can be helpful, this typically prospects to misinformation and gamers building sick-knowledgeable purchases. So let us take a seem.

What is Stiffness in a Tennis Racquet?

Racquet stiffness is a measurement of how considerably a racquet bends when it tends to make call with the tennis ball.
The extra the ball distorts the body, the extra flex a racquet has, for that reason, the reduce the stiffness score.
Stiffness ratings are quoted as a number, identified as an RA score. This is usually involving fifty and 70 on most retail racquets. The reduce number indicates a extra flexible racquet, and the larger number a stiffer racquet.
So a racquet rated RA fifty will bend extra than a racquet at RA 70 at affect, assuming they are similar in all other specs so the same fat, head size and so on.
How is Tennis Racquet Stiffness Calculated?

Measuring racquet stiffness is largely accomplished making use of the Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Centre, which is pictured above.
There are other equipment around from Prince and Gamma, but Babolat is the most greatly utilized and reliable device out there. It is capable of measuring stiffness, fat, swing fat, stability and stringbed deflection.
These equipment operate for around $4,five hundred so it truly is not something your regular club player will have entry to.
As gamers, we’re wholly reliant on brands (who give unstrung stiffness ratings) and vendors like Tennis Warehouse (who give strung stiffness ratings).
The RDC equipment calculate stiffness by applying power on the hoop of the body even though it truly is locked in at the deal with and resting on a bar around the throat spot which functions as a lever.
This results in the body to flex somewhat, and the RDC equipment report the measurement. On most racquets aimed at intermediate and highly developed gamers, this falls somewhere involving fifty and 70 but can go as low as forty and as large as 85.
You can see an illustration of an RDC device, and it truly is how it works in the video under:

How is Racquet Stiffness (RA) Calculated?

Interestingly the racquet stiffness measurement is not some typically utilized components that is witnessed across quite a few other merchandise or walks of everyday living.
You will not see the expression RA utilized anywhere outdoors racquet athletics and it truly is said to be the acronym for racquet analysis. A name coined in the early times of measuring racquet stiffness by applying a particular power to a body and steel bar positioned at 327mm to act as the opposing power.
Babolat treats it as proprietary technology, so they will not reveal the calculation or components utilized. This, in change, does highlight just one of the flaws of RA which we will seem at even more down this tutorial.
Are There Any Other Techniques of Measuring Stiffness?

A single other measurement is utilized by Wilson, something they identified as Stiffness Index (SI). This is a number they give in mm.
For illustration, the Wilson Clash a hundred Tour, just one of the most flexible frames on the sector and has an SI of eleven.2mm which they assert is a hundred and fifteen% extra flexible than the foremost racket. On the other hand, this is based mostly on internal screening and we will not know what the other foremost racquet is.
You can see an illustration of Wilson’s stiffness measuring strategy in the video under

This strategy is an exciting just one as it clamps the racquet it at the deal with and doesn’t use a steel bar midway up the body like Babolat do to counter the power.
Wilson’s strategy is extra reasonable for how a racquet reacts throughout match participate in as the clamp is in essence replacing the hand. All over again even though, it truly is just a number and they will not have a tendency to publish it on just about every single just one of their racquets either which tends to make comparison tough.
Can I Evaluate Racquet Stiffness Myself?

While you cant evaluate racquet flex to get an RA number at house, you can get an thought of the flex by lying it flat versus a surface and pressing down on the throat to see what give it has.
This is definitely only helpful if you have two (or extra) racquets to look at and it truly is not particularly scientific but you will see the distinction in flex by applying strain with your hand.
You could also set up a makeshift program like the Wilson strategy above to clamp a racquet to a table and hang a two.8kg fat from the hoop, measuring how much in millimetres it flexes.
How Does Stiffness Affect Racquet Functionality?

The stiffness of a racquet impacts a racquet’s playability in three places:

Electric power

Devoid of heading deep into the physics of it, the purpose stiffness impacts the energy of the racquet is because of to electrical power transfer.
When you make call with the tennis ball, the body bends. The extra it flexible a racquet is, the extra it bends and the extra electrical power it absorbs. That decreases energy as it truly is getting electrical power absent from the ball.
A stiffer body flexes considerably less at affect, keeping extra electrical power in the ball, foremost to extra energy in your pictures.
A single of the myths you will see peddled at club amount is that flexible frames are impressive mainly because the racquet works like a slingshot, propelling the ball when it returns to its standard condition.
On the other hand, the fact is a tennis ball will only remain on the strings for a fraction of a 2nd, which is not long plenty of for the racquet to recover and return electrical power to the ball.
So, all other points staying equal, a stiffer body bends considerably less and keeps extra electrical power into the ball than just one with extra flex.

While energy is conveniently explained by physics, regulate is a extra subjective spot and may differ from player to player.
The standard principle right here is that the extra flexible racquet, the extra regulate it will give mainly because it has considerably less energy prospective.
Does that indicate that a player who cannot come across the court ought to swap to a extra flexible body and see instantaneous benefits? No. Handle will come largely from a gamers strategy and ability amount a racquet can only make refined alterations to the placement of the ball.
The place it receives even extra subjective is that a stiffer racquet will give a player with a extra reliable hitting encounter and a larger margin for error on off-centre hits.
Stiffer racquets are extra stable at call and off-centre hits. This stability will develop a greater quality of shot that will typically cross the web with extra speed and depth. This can lead to larger perceived regulate as you happen to be in a position to remain in factors for a longer period.
A extra flexible body can give gamers the notion they’re hitting lifeless places on the string bed, where the ball has considerably less speed and depth. This can enable an opponent to mop up on your short balls, ending factors swiftly.
In conditions of experience which also relates to regulate, gamers usually come across that stiffer racquets give a crisp or energetic experience, because of to the improve in energy a extra rigid body offers.
Adaptable frames are typically explained as providing a plush experience as they experience extra linked with the ball when especially on contact pictures these kinds of as volleys or fall pictures.
It really is worthy of noting that the type of strings you happen to be making use of also has a significant affect on a racquet’s experience and regulate. Above and outside of that of stiffness from my have activities.
Ease and comfort

Like regulate, comfort and ease is an spot where physics and own thoughts collide.
In conditions of comfort and ease, mainly because they bend and absorb extra shock on affect, flexible racquets are usually viewed as extra arm-friendly.
Stiffer frames go harsher vibrations to the hitting arm, and quite a few contemplate them a contributing element to arm or elbow troubles.
As a consequence, senior gamers or these with elbow and wrist troubles have a tendency to opt for a flexible body, exchanging lesser energy for enhanced arm overall health.
The dilemma right here is the science behind it is just not obvious slice and quite a few gamers may possibly come across the exact reverse is genuine.
When a tennis ball tends to make call, the racquet vibrates. The stiffness of the racquet impacts the amplitude, frequency, and how considerably these vibrations are dampened.
A stiffer body has a reduce amplitude, but a larger frequency and extra damping. So the vibrations are tiny, they take place at a more rapidly fee but also halt extra swiftly. More flexible rackets have extra significant vibrations that occur at a slower speed but last for for a longer period.
So which is greater? This is where it truly is to some degree murky. There is a potent argument to say that a stiffer racquet could nicely be extra arm friendly mainly because the vibrations are smaller and halt quicker.
I participate in with a 70RA racquet and have never experienced any arm or elbow challenges, but I can experience the improve in comfort and ease depending on the string I use, that prospects me to think the type of tennis string you have in will have an impact on the comfort and ease much extra than the racquet stiffness alone.
If you participate in with a pure intestine or multifilament, this will typically give a large amount of comfort and ease even though polyester strings or kevlar are considerably harsher.
Similarly, stringbed stress can improve or minimize comfort and ease with larger tensions reducing comfort and ease and reduce tensions presenting up somewhat extra comfort and ease.
I’ve also witnessed gamers refer to frames with an RA in the low 60s as company and crisp, even though other individuals describe something in the 70s as possessing a tender response. So that does advise no matter of any stiffness score, the only measurement that matters is how a racquet feels and performs in a player’s hand. And there’s only just one way to determine that out – by demoing it.
How Do You Categorise RA Ratings?

You can use the chart under but do bear in head the above in conditions of energy, regulate and comfort and ease are subjective and have other variables that can have an impact on them.

RA Number Category Power Control Comfort
64 and below Flexible Low High High
65-69 Medium Medium Medium Medium
70 and above Stiff High Low Low

Should really I Choose a Stiff or Adaptable Racquet?

As I preserve stressing, demoing a racquet is an complete should, and you cannot say with any certainty you ought to opt for just one more than the other without having very first actively playing with it.
As a standard tutorial, gamers with quickly swing speeds — i.e. these who will not involve lots of assist from the racquet when it will come to hitting with speed, may possibly come across a flexible racquet could be a very good choice. They can take huge cuts on the ball with much less concerns of overhitting outside of the baseline.
Players with slower swing speeds who will not strike the ball as cleanly may possibly prefer a rigid body as the included energy aids them get pictures more than the web extra consistently.
But there is no golden rule right here. I participate in with pretty quickly swings, but my racquet is 70RA. Strings and string stress participate in a much greater purpose in my ability to preserve the ball in just the strains.
In conditions of arm troubles, this is versus a tough just one, most gamers have a tendency to get extra arm challenges from rigid racquets so if you have tennis elbow, I might exam a flexible body very first. But will not rule out somewhat stiffer products, for illustration, ProKennex offers a very stable variety of arm friendly racquets that aren’t particularly low on the RA scale.
How Helpful is RA Ranking?

With RA score staying a nicely-held top secret for how it truly is calculated then it can only definitely be utilized as a fast place of comparison when selecting a tennis racquet.
The number lets you to swiftly benchmark which frames are viewed as rigid or flexible, demo them and see which you prefer, assuming all other specs are comparable or equal.
A single dilemma with the number alone, however, is consistency. Not just about every manufacturer takes advantage of a Babolat RDC device, and they are not all calibrated the same way.
If you seem at the RA ratings on Tennis Warehouse assign to racquets, you will also see they vary from these mentioned by the true racquet brands.
This is mainly because TW posts strung specs, while other vendors and brands article unstrung specs. When a racquet is strung, the stiffness (RA) typically drops 4-6 factors, the fat goes up about fifteen grams, swing fat goes up, and the racquet gets extra head heavy. So try out to stick to just one when comparing – either unstrung or strung specs, somewhat than mixing the two.
A single other spot the Babolat Machine lets alone down is that it can not evaluate in various places of the body. So if a body flexes extra in the hoop extra than it flexes in the throat, you will not know that from it truly is RA score.
Which is why, in my impression, even though RA is a good number to know, it doesn’t constantly explain to the total story. The greatest way to know if a body is suited to your recreation is to demo it.
Examples of Stiff Racquets

Under are some of the stiffest racquets on the sector ideal now,
Examples of Adaptable Racquets

And right here some of the most flexible kinds you can now obtain.
Final Feelings

Frame stiffness is just one of the quite a few points that can affect the playability of a tennis racquet and even though not the most significant consideration, it truly is something to think about if you are battling to come across comfort and ease in a body or would like extra energy (or regulate).
On the other hand, nothing at all beats screening a racquet on the court for a pair of hrs to see how it performs. If you have entry to a demo software, verify out my tutorial to obtaining the most from a demo body.
At last, if you happen to be looking for a new tennis racquet, be positive to verify out this tutorial on some of the greatest tennis racquets for 2020.
Received any thoughts about racquet stiffness? Allow me know in the remarks.

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