Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3 All Court Tennis Shoes, White/Estate (Men’s US Size 14)

Price: $184.48

LIGHTNESS WITHOUT COMPROMISE: The lightweight Jet Mach 3 is specifically designed for swift movement on the court. Made with the innovative Matryx Evo material, which includes strategically placed PAHT and Aramid fibers, these shoes are both ultra-light and resistant to wear while still providing stability and support.
COMFORT AND SUPPORT: The KPRSX system ensures optimal shock absorption during every aspect of the game. The heel area is protected with flexible EVA foam, while the new rocker design of the heel facilitates effortless starting and stopping by smoothly rolling the foot.
SOLE DURABIILITY: The sole has been redesigned to better withstand the demands of tennis. The tread is now larger and thicker in the areas that experience the most wear, and reduced in less strained areas. Incorporating Michelin Premium technology, the Jet Mach 3’s sole is highly durable and minimizes wear and tear caused by specific tennis footwork.
MATRYX EVO TECHNOLOGY: Matryx Evo technology aims to strike the perfect balance between comfort, support, and durability.
ACTIVE FLEXION: An exclusive technology developed and patented by Babolat. The sole is segmented into 9 key pressure points, allowing for maximum responsiveness based on the shape and composition of the materials used.

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